Stephen King Makes a Guest Appearance on Sons of Anarchy

Famed author Stephen King will make a guest starring appearance in Tuesday night’s episode of SONS OF ANARCHY as “Bachman,” an associate of Tig's (Kim Coates) who is highly skilled in an unusual profession and called upon to help Gemma (Katey Sagal) and Tara (Maggie Siff) out of a bind.

First Episode of Season Three

So the first episode of season three was probably not what everyone was expecting, I know personally I was looking for a lot more vegenance and retribution but I think it was more about Jacks coming to terms with being a true leader of the club. Up until now Jacks seems to have left the really tough decisions and leader burden to Clay but with his child being abducted he now has to start making the hard choices and live beyond his own emotions.

We see opie taking a large roll in helping Jacks with Piney (his father) also reaching out to Jacks to lend his support. While they may be good friends they aren't his mother, Gemma who is on the lamb after ATF Agent Stall sets her up to take the fall for killing edmund hayes (the son of SAMCRO's real IRA contact Cameron Hayes). Apparently Gemma's father is some sort of reverend and when she finds out her mother is dead she tries to flee the motel Tig has them hold up at. It was very amusing to see Gemma have to reach for her reading glasses to hotwire a car, I don't think that scene has ever been in another movie/tv show.

At the end a drive by shooting in Charming during Half Sack's funeral injures some charming residents and more than likely kills soon to be chief Hale. Seeing a young boy shot enrages Jacks who jumps into the street to slam the head of one of the attackers (who was thrown from the drive by van as it fled) repeatedly into the ground.

While Jacks may be able to express his anger in terms of Rage we see that his son is being kept across the Atlantic in Belfast. Will this season have SAMCRO in Ireland?

New Season Premiers

An All New Season Premieres Tuesday, September 7 at 10PM ET/PT only on FX

Cherry Bikini Pics

Check out some pics of Cherry (Taryn Manning) in a bikini recently.

Cherry Bikini Pics

10th Episode of Sons Of Anarchy

Last night's 90 minute episode was very tense but I am not sure if there was actually more Sons or if it was just a lot more and longer commercials. That said we saw a lot of action...

Opie consummates his relationship with Lyla, Tig and Half Sack land up tripping on mushrooms out in the desert and Tara is put on administrative leave from the hospital. We find out that Chibbs was run out of the IRA having his wife and child stolen away by the very man who excommunicated him. Apparently Jimmy (the IRA leader) also gave Chibbs his facial scars.

Of course the biggest development was Jacks leaving the redwood original (charming) charter of Sons of Anarchy to "go nomad" meaning that he would not be attached to anyone charter and therefore need to travel to go to "church" weekly meetings. As Jacks father is a founding member of SOA and redwood original the other members were none to happy with his decision. As you may have picked up, SAMCRO is as much a brotherhood for misfits as it is a motorcycle club or criminal organization. So Jacks the VP leaving is a large FU to the guys remaining behind. Regardless they all honor Jacks decision and vote unanimously to allow him to transfer. Gemma sees the move as dangerous and foolish as Jacks is in line for the president position once Clay leaves. After the meeting Gemma tells Jacks and Tara to come to her house where a surprised Clay and them all sit down at the table to hear Gemma's recounting of the rape zoebels men performed on her. In the last scene we see Jacks take back his VP and Redwood original patches that he removed with his Kabar after it was decided he would go Nomad. Scenes from next weeks episode show him with the patches back on and working closely with Clay against Zoebel.

Gun note: we see a nice close up of Clay's pistol - I still maintain it is a full size H&K USP .45 (can't tell the caliber but a guy like clay would prob carry a .45).

9th Episode of Sons of Anarchy

Another action packed episode last night. We see the club shifting more towards Jacks side as they realize that Clay is only going to lead them into more blood and jail time. Still he is the president and everyone must obey him and work back channels to make peace. Clay procures another gun pipeline by intimadating a judge to let a hamas arms dealer go. This only serves to drive the club closer to Jacks as they would rather be in the pron biz then the terror business (although that's a bit hypocritical for a group who rules an area by fear and intimidation).

As might be expected Otto takes Luann's death very hard as he sits in prison blind with his wheelchair behind him. This interaction leaves Jacks feeling immensely guilty about not protecting Luann. Georgie and his guys fled to Thailand but once they return there will no doubt be some serious retribution delivered from the Sons.

Zobel torches the studio presumably with Chuckie (who is asleep on the couch) and Darbie inside it. Leaving Darbie in the charred ashes sends a message to SAMCRO and should also close down the site as it will be the scene of a murder investigation.

So Jacks sets up Luann in the space to protect her, then one of her girls gets beat up by georgie, he breaks in kills a dog and steals shit, kills luann and still no one is guarding the studio? My version of protection must be different from theirs, otherwise why wouldn't someone be protecting the studio?

Opie seems to have turned a corner by not killing the judge's son, but we will have to wait to see how that turns out.

8th episode of Sons of Anarchy

To say it was an explosive episode is an understatement. There was so much happening in last night's show I might not be able to capture it all.

First, chibbs irish wife (chibbs is scotish) shows up while he is in the hospital recovering.

Then we have Georgie the porn king killing dogs and stealing shit at luanns studio, forcing jacks, opie and bobby to go over and rough him up again. I knew they let him off too easy, the guy got warned before and it did nothing, so why did Jacks think destroying his laptop would teach him a lesson. You can't help but think that Clay would have exacted a much harsher revenge that would have prevented Georgie from feeling that he could go after Luanne. Jacks failure to meet the situation with the appropriate violence got luanne beaten to death with a bat.

Gemma seems to have dropped the ball and her normally cold exterior cracks under the pressure a bit.

Opie continues to develop a relationship with Lyla, mostly based on her need for protection.

Clay and Elliott Oswald continue there mutually beneficial relationship and Clay gives Elliott the knife he was holding as black mail back to Oswald so they can move on as equals. I am not sure you can black mail someone into being your equal.

Weirdest turn of the night is Tigger going a bit soft, taking Chuckie with them instead of letting the Chinese kill him, which forced Clay to call him out.

Hopefully Jacks learns the hard lesson that when you live in a world of violence and work outside of the law, brutality and extremely violent reactions are necessary to keep the peace.

Sons Of Anarchy Makes The News

In Today's NY Post there was a great article about Sons of Anarchy. It talks about how the show has become a hit through mostly word of mouth.

"It's averaging 4 million viewers each week, making it one of the top-rated shows on cable -- and the surprise hit of the season.

"Sons," in fact, is one of the rarest phenomenons on TV -- a genuine word-of-mouth hit."

NY Post Sons Of Anarchy Article

Seventh Episode of Sons of Anarchy

Well last night was defintely a more action packed episode. Let's start with the all out biker brawl between Jacks and Clay. Clay may be an old man but he certainly can throw down, I mean I thought Jacks was just going to pummel him mercilessly but Clay almost had him a couple times. Interesting that Jacks had Clay in a "near cradle" in the last scene which is a distinctly wrestler move, it's not like your average street brawler knows pinning combinations...

Opie is again walking around with his poor me routine and continues to land up fucking up everything he touches. I mean it defintely wasn't his fault that Trammel got shot, just as it wasn't his fault that he lost Zobel, it just seems like the guy can't catch a break.

As usual Gemma was a main focus of the episode and her karmic luck comes back to the help the club in a big way. This is the second time Gemma being nice to a stranger has come back to help her or the club (the first was when she sat on the bench with Chief Uncer). You see her initiating Tara into the life of an MC "old lady" more and more.

Men of Mayhem

As I am sure you noticed Jacks has a "Men of Mayhem" patch on his cut, which mean's he has committed murder for the club.

Just in case you were wondering what Men of Mayhem on Jacks cut in Sons of Anarchy meant thats it.

Sixth Episode Sons of Anarchy

Well the Chibbs didn't die, but after making a play to kill two members of SAMCRO, Clay pushes for retaliation. It seems that only Bobby and Jacks realize that Zoebel is pulling their strings and forcing action that will get the club taken down, but with two attacks their is no choice but action.

Opie continues to drift further away from normalcy and deeper into the MC culture as he sides with Clay and goes so far to offhandidly threaten Jacks. Sidenote: Opie can't seem to give chase to anyone in this episode.

The final scene shows our boys raiding what they think is a white power rally but is actually a formal dinner event with upstanding citzens in suits doubt planned by Zoebel. Jacks predicts they will all go to prison prior to the raid, but clay pushes them on, it seems Jacks was right.

Zoebel exhibits alot of characteristics of a con man or intelligence officer in the way that he forces situations for which he knows how his enemy will react. This gives him the advantage as he is planning his moves and outcomes while the club is simply reacting. It's a classic case of brains versus brawn. He has also trained his daughter in deception, selling and other skills that allows her to take in un-suspecting marks (the irish dude, Gemma, Hale).

I know it's just a show, but after Zoebel taped Opie coming out of the meth house in the woods, wouldn't it be wise to start wearing a mask? Just saying...

Did Chibbs Die?

Tonight we find out whether Chibbs is dead or not.

I am sure Clay will take the opportunity to point out how they have to retaliate but even if they have voted to, the car bomb still would have went off.

Fifth Episode Second Season Sons of Anarchy

Alot of hand to hand combat in last night's episode.

First it was nice to see otto read the attack and lash out getting the first strike on the aryans, even if it was futile...brutal scene where they gouge out his eye!

Second you have Gemma's elbow to Tara's nose...funny stuff when Jacks asks "what is it with you and hitting chicks in the nose"...ha ha...I also love that Gemma pretty much runs around Charming with her pistol drawn.

Finally you have jacks riding in to break up opie and the white nation guys only to have his bike knocked over (an offense no loyal 1% could let go) causing a ruckus with Henry rollins and crew...

Opie really has become a brooding badass and aligns himself deeper with clay the man who ordered his death a few months back accidentally killing his wife. I wonder if he will land up nailing that trashy porn star (who apparently smokes crack?).

Overall the club is siding more with Jacks intellectual approach rather than Clays head on clobbering....although with the car bomb going off within their compound who knows what the next epsiode will bring...retaliation or planning???

Fourth Episode of Second Season of Sons of Anarchy

The action defintely returned in the fourth episode of the second season, with more tension between Jacks and Clay, culminating with Clay threatening to kill Jacks if he brings up Clay's involvement with Donna's murder. As Sons of Anarchy is loosely based on Hamlet it is safe to assume at some point Jacks will kill Clay. Now this could be because of what Clay ordered done to Opie or it could be because Jacks learns that Clay killed his father (I know they haven't come right out and said that yet, but there are a lot of implications and it fits the story of Hamlet).

The step father son dynamic is extremely stressed which is causing a rift in the club with Kip, Chibs, Piney and Jacks rescuing Tig from bounty hunters while Opie, Bobby and Clay stand by. Opie is not pleased with Jacks constant battle with Clay and has begun siding with the very man who killed his wife. At some point either Piney, Jacks or both are going to tell Opie the truth which may help Jacks elimnate Tig, which is necessary to kill Clay.

Funny aside pertaining to Tig, he skipped out on a $40 thousand dollar bond in Oregon which stemmed from an arrest for "assault and indecent exposure in a livestock transport" he remains one of the funnier characters with absolutely outlandish behavior and one liners. We once again see the foundations of military training and thinking with Tig delaying his captors movement by infuriating them, forcing violence and eventually making them hold up, so his brothers can stage an ambush.

Gemma continues to struggle with her rape, but fails at the moment of truth when she has Henry Rollins in her sights (literally).

Another great episode, looking forward to more MC action next week.

Third Episode of Second Season Sons of Anarchy

After two explosive episodes the action slowed a bit with turmoil amongst the old ladys of Sons Of Anarchy.

Gemma is still realing from her gang rape and it continues to stress her relationship with Clay. Interesting to note that in Hunter S Thompson's book "Hells' Angels" on the notorious Motorcycle Club, gang rapes were very much part of the 1960s biker culture, used not only as a punishment but also as a form of entertainment.

Luann resorts to her old ways to keep Bobby Elvis from revealing her creative accounting practices.

Tara continues to struggle with her past and present status as part of the SAMCRO culture.

My favorite scene is Juice and Chibs casually watching Luann film her porono scenes.

Perhaps the action will return in the fourth episode of Sons of Anarchy.

Second Episode of Season Two Sons of Anarchy

The second epdisode of season two of Sons of Anarchy does not disappoint.

First off let's just say Gemma is one tough chick and she definitely puts the welfare of the club and it's brothers above her own. She really is the queen of bikers. At some point Clay and Jax are going to find out and the white separatists are in for it, especially Henry Rollins, since his tattoo is sorta hard to hide.

It's always nice to see Jax and the boys kick some ass and watching them knock down a woman beater like Georgie is even better. I mean really what could that pron guy be thinking? He challenges SAMCRO and then leaves himself open for them to waltz through the front door and kick his ass. I mean it wasn't like they had a hard time getting in or there were even that many guys, plus they were unarmed.

Another appearance by Kurt Sutter as Otto asking Jax to take care of his woman while he is inside. Interesting that he noted the white power activity but Jax didn't want to discuss any further even though they were challenged by the separatists the night before.

Looking for ward to episode 3.

First Episode of The Second Season Sons of Anarchy Rocked

Well after all the waiting and re-watching every episode in season one, I must say it was definitely worth it!

While the episode started out a bit slow, it speed up fast with a lot of action and a lot of plot lines tied up from last season.

I was a bit surprised to see Agent Stahl (that horny bitch) in the episode but even more surprised to see Jacks let Clay get away with killing Opie's wife. That plot line is defintely going to resonate throughout the rest of the season.

Being a black flag fan from way back I couldn't help but smirk with the addition of Henry Rollins to the show. Does any other actor you know convey such raw anger?

As shocking as the ending was, you just knew when Gemma left her Glock in the car that she was in for trouble. (editors note: a woman was recently abducted in Philadelphia, PA with that exact ploy). The boys of SAMCRO are going to be out for blood once they find out, I mean raping the mother of the VP and wife of the Prez, what the fuck were those guys thinking. Clay and Jacks are going to destroy them.

Awesome first episode!

The Shield & SAMCRO

I can't help but continue to notice similarities between The Shield and Sons of Anarchy. This may be because they share some of the same production team.

Kurt Sutter is the writer, producer and also an actor on Sons Of Anarchy, he plays "Big Otto" Delaney the SAMCRO brother who is in Stockton state prison. Like a real motorcycle club SAMCRO has a large presence within the prison system, which goes by "The Big House Crew".

Kurt was also a writer and actor on The Shield, he play the crazy hitman Margos Deserian (who went around chopping off peoples feet looking for his money train cash).

In addition, Kurt married Katy Sagal (Gemma) back in 2004.

So far the only actor besides Kurt to cross over from The Shield is "Dutch" (Jay Karnes) who played ageny Josh Kohn

This only furthers the similarities between Sons of Anarchy and The Shield, but it also sheds light on where the similarities come from and some of the casting.

Sons of Anarchy Season Premiere

Dont miss the seasons start on Sept,8th!

Tune In Or Tune Out

With the club divided in the wake of Donna’s death, Clay sets up a new gun deal with the IRA. Meanwhile, a white separatist group takes root in Charming and threatens more than just Samcro’s control over Charming.

Premieres Tuesday Sept. 8 10pm e/p.

Guns In Sons Of Anarchy

Since the Sons Of Anarchy are gun runners, they are a plethora of guns being used on the show. So far I have been able to pick out a couple favorite of each member of the gang:

Clay's Gun:
Either a H&K full size USP or a Steyr GB
Visible outside the Mayans storehouse

Jax's Gun:
Glock - Could be any caliber really but it looks like a compact model
Visible in pretty much every episode

Juice's Gun:
Colt 1911 or similar
Visible when the attack dogs bite Tig

Piney's Gun:
.357 wheel gun, again impossible to really tell the caliber, this could be a .38
Visible in the One Niners clubhouse after Donna gets shot

Sons Of Anarchy Clubhouse 360 Degree Tour

As you might imagine from the Official Site and creators, The Sons of Anarchy site has a ton of great information and neat little tidbits.

They now have an interactive 360 degree tour of the SAMCRO clubhouse:
Sons Of Anarchy Clubhouse Tour

Pretty cool stuff...I like that they keep baseball bats by the door, because they don't store weapons in the clubhouse in case of police raids...very smart

One Niners

In case you have noticed the Sons regularly do business with the "one niners" which is a fictitous LA street gang from The Shield. This is because the writer creater of Sons Of Anarchy was one of the writers from The Shield.

At the end of the first season the One Niners crossed the Sons on an arms deal. See the Niners were supposed to eliminate the mayans after SAMCRO did a gun deal with them, but instead Laroy decided to take them all out. The Niners missed killing the Sons and you can imagine this will be a big beef they are looking to settle in Season Two

Sons Of Anarchy Season Two Promo

Sons Of Anarchy - Ride Free Or Die Tour 2009

Looks like Sons of Anarchy will be at a couple of Bike Rallies this summer:

They will be at Sturgis

Military Precision

It's pretty obvious that Clay, Piney and Jon Teller all served in Vietnam as they have mentioned it a couple of times, and Clay wears his jump wings on his cut. I don't think the new guys, Opie and Jacks served but they all still operate with military precision.

Whenever they are doing something criminal they operate very efficiently with each member knowing there job, moving tactically and covering each other in a very professional manner.

They are also careful to never wear anything discrimnating towards SAMCRO

Sons Of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Original - S A M C R O

Sooner or later I will start posting recaps of Sons of Anarchy

What Does Redwood Original Mean?

Redwood Original is the name of the charter that the shows characters belong to. The motorcycle club (MC) is called Sons of Anarchy but they belong to the Redwood Original chapter.

Redwood because when it was started they had no real home. They are the founding chapter and as such Clay and Piney are the last two remaining founding members.